Salaried Employees and Overtime

Dunham & Jones, Attorneys at Law helps salaried employees collect unpaid overtime from their employers.

Lawsuit filed: Diamond Grand Garden sued for not paying a salaried employee overtime when he was entitled to overtime for hours worked over 40

In a case filed in the Midland/Odessa Division of the United States District Court for the Western Division of Texas, lawyers from Dunham & Jones, P.C. have sued Diamond Grand Garden, Inc. and Jatinderpal Bajwa, Individually.  Defendants employed the Plaintiff, Juan Figueroa, as a cook and paid him a salary without additional compensation for overtime hours.  As the lawsuit alleges, merely being paid a salary does not necessarily mean an employee is not entitled to overtime pay.  Plaintiff is suing for unpaid overtime, additional amounts as penalties, attorney’s fees, and costs.

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