Lawsuit Filed: Palo Chop Development, LLC & Palo Petroleum, Inc. sued for not paying overtime

On November 30, 2015, Dunham & Jones P.C. filed suit in Federal Court in Dallas, Texas against Palo Chop Development, LLC, Palo Petroleum, Inc., Jase Graham and James P. Graham, Individually, on behalf of former boiler operator Joseph Hames, alleging that Defendants failed to pay Mr. Hames overtime pay.

As a boiler operator, Mr. Hames would conduct daily checks on boilers, monitor tanks, and test oil for water content prior to shipping.

Defendants operate oil and gas exploration and development companies, and focus on the acquisition and development of low to medium risk oil and gas prospects.

Mr. Hames filed suit under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) for all unpaid overtime wages he is owed within the three-year period prior to the filing of the suit.

Mr. Hames alleges that even though he worked more than forty hours per week, Defendants refused to pay him overtime compensation for any hours worked over forty per week. Mr. Hames also alleges Defendants manipulated his time sheets to avoid paying him overtime.

If you or someone you know worked for Palo Chop Development, LLC or Palo Petroleum, Inc., and were not paid overtime, contact employment attorney Doug Welmaker at Dunham & Jones, PC, at 1-800-344-4444 today.

About Doug Welmaker

Douglas B. Welmaker is an Employment Attorney with Dunham & Jones, Attorneys at Law, PC. He was raised in Houston, Texas and has been practicing labor and employment law for 20 years, representing Defendants and Plaintiffs in both state and federal court. In the last seven years, he has limited his practice to representing employees who have been wrongfully denied overtime pay in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Mr. Welmaker handles employment cases including retaliation, minimum wage and overtime violations. You may contact him at 1-800-344-4444.