Have you been Fired, Laid Off or Quit in the past 3 years?


The clock is ticking and every day that goes by you could be losing money. Under the law we can only look back 3 years from the date of your termination. For more information on your possible wage claim, fill out our contact form and one of our wage attorneys will call you back for your quick wage review. Your employer could owe you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and you are not aware of it. Contact us today before time runs out on your possible claim.

Even if you have not been fired, laid off or have quit a job recently, you may know someone who has. Please tell them to come to FairPay.com to see if they are owed unpaid wages. You may know someone you work with that also has a wage claim, please have them visit FairPay.com to get a free wage evaluation.

Many employees are owed money from their former employers and are not even aware that the have the right to this money. Our overtime and wage dispute lawyers are experienced wage attorneys who will evaluate your former salary or wages. Our consultation is free and confidential.


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